Monday, 24 March 2014

Getting Started: Html, CSS, and PHP

Hello there, before we get started with development tutorials, i would like to clarify a few things...

I would like to assume we are all beginners that have decided to learn web development from the very basics... Here is a clarification of the normal misconceptions that comes up in the minds of beginner developers...

What is the difference between the Html and CSS?, Why do i need CSS? How do i go about learning these languages?

Here is a very basic breakdown of answers to these questions... as simple as it gets.... Using the human body as a model... lets see how they work... :-)

- Basically, Html, Hypertext Markup Language is more like a tool that allows its user to present or showcase desired data which might be text, images, forms, etc as the case may be. It also can be used to define the structure of a webpage... Relating this to our human body model, lets see Html as the human skeleton.

- CSS on the other hand, Cascading Stylesheets is like a tool that helps the user add features to the human skeleton.. your skin and its complexion, position and size of your fingers etc. It helps you style your webpages more than what a basic knowledge of Html can afford!

- Now onto PHP, Lets call this, the brain... Php serves as the brain of your webpage as it processes information and relates it back to the body framework for it to carry out its actions... Php is a programming language that can determine if your webpage is static or dynamic.

I hope we get the differences now.. Would love to hear what you think in the comments below... Thanks... and have fun coding...


  1. Thanks for slightly analysing the difference.


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