Thursday, 11 July 2013

NIIT NIGERIA Scholarship - Is This A Scam Or What?

NIIT NIGERIA, one of the leading and foremost global talent development corporation as they call it have surprised me with what i have heard and what they are supposedly doing.

Currently, NIIT Nigeria is undergoing a scholarship test which applicants can apply for at their website

Last date of Application - 12th July 2013
Exam Date - 13th July 2013

My problem with this is the fact that after doing the exam and passing it, applicants are required to still pay the fees for the desired programme they would like to enroll for...


What the hell is a scholarship if successful participants still have to pay a huge price for any programme they would like to enrol for?

A reliable source and fellow blogger, +Abdulazeez Temidire Olajide at along with a couple of other people that had done this so called scholarship test in the pasts have also confirmed this...

I see this as scam and a means of drawing people to them just to rip them in the end... It is not stated anywhere in the site that despite this scholarship, participants still have to pay!

Where are we going in Nigeria????


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  2. They also lied about the time allotted, imagine 30 minutes for 60 strong questions, when i say strong, i mean real strong questions.


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