Monday 18 February 2013

Use Your Gmail Offline - Without Internet

Gmail offline allows us to read, respond to, and search without network access. So even if you are offline, you can open your web browser, go to and get to your mail just like you are used to.

Click here to Install offline Gmail

How to start Offline Gmail
  • After installing, open a new tab in Chrome.
  • In the new tab panel you will see a Gmail Offline Icon
  • Click on the Icon, and then Offline Gmail will load.
  • Now you can keep reading mails and also any new messages you compose will be sent out the next time you connect to internet.
Note: This is only available in Google Chrome.

World's First 1 TeraByte PenDrive

Technology!!! Technology!!! Technology!!! Technology has refused to stop growing... I remember the old days when a supercomputer despite its site could process tiny megabytes of data... Take a look at the picture below....

Thats a 5mb drive being transported..... now take a look at this

Thats a Kingston, Hyper Predator Pendrive that stores 1TB...

Now, for the first time and also the first of its kind... We now have a pendrive that can store up to 1terabyte(1TB)... Its like OMG!!!

What do you think??

Friday 1 February 2013

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2: Here's Durability

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Xcover 2 – its latest durable mobile device with smartphone capabilities.It is designed to endure the most rugged outdoor conditions and protect against the elements.
Like the latest Sony model, the Galaxy Xcover 2 is dust and sand proof and is water resistant to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes.

Longer battery life and motion detector
Aimed at people who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, the smartphone has a LED flash next to the camera which can be used as a torch and the phone has a battery capacity of 570 hours.
A Samsung spokesman said: “Customers can expect the powerful performance characteristic of a Samsung smartphone with the Galaxy Xcover 2 shell. The intuitive Motion UI understands peoples’ movements and has the ability to overturn and mute incoming calls.”
The device comes pre-downloaded with Google Maps data, an enhanced GPS + GLONASS which shortens the satellite signal detection by up to 20 per cent to track each customer’s location more accurately.

Underwater camera
The Cardio Trainer Pro workout application can also be used to help achieve fitness goals by creating a tailored training program, which checks the user’s progress and records their track and speed.
Owners of the new device can also now take photos under water with the direct camera key and ensure the device is kept safe with its strap holder.
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), enabling faster and smoother screen transitions and provides an enhanced user interface, featuring a new, easy-to-use notification panel. Data can also be synced, backed-up and restored with S-Cloud and the handy S Voice lets customers control the phone using their voice
The Galaxy Xcover 2 will be available to purchase in the UK by March.
Well, I Love Durable Gadgets; Do you?I'd Guess thats a YES!!!.
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