Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How To Hide Folders Without Using Any Software

Many people want to secure their folders and content from intruders so that their files and documents can not be easily tempered with. The following simple steps will let you achieve that:
  1. Create a new folder: you can do that by right clicking on any free space on your desktop or any place on your hard disk .
  2. Rename the folder to a blank name: To do this, right click on the new folder you created, now hold down the "Alt" key then using the numeric key pad on the right of your keyboard, type "255". the folder will be named with blank characters.
  3. Hide the folder icon: again right click on the folder and select properties on the list displayed. On the properties window click on the customize tab then you will see an option, " change icon ", click on it. You should see different icons but we need a blank icon, scroll down the list and you will see some blank icons(always 3) select any of it and click on "apply" then click on "OK"..
  4. The last and most important thing is to keep your folder where you wont forget...
  5. Now you can hide your folders and its contents.

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