Monday, 12 November 2012

Guest Posting

Great News!!! KYD Evolution Blog is currently accepting Guest Bloggers. Guest Posting is the easiest way to reach new audience and get you noticed.Guest posting helps to put your name in front of a community of women and men working in the field of business. It is a great marketing strategy to gain exposure for you, your blog and business.
People interested in these topics can write a guest post for this blog :
  1. Web Development
  2. Blogging tips and tricks
  3. Gaming
  4. Blogger Gadgets
  5. Blogger news 
  6. Website reviews
  7.  PC Tricks and Tutorials
  8. Mobile Tutorials
  9. Software Tutorials
  10. And every other tech related Stuff
These are some topics we post on this blog so we have added it to our list. Your blog post should at least aim one of the topic listed above.

Writing skills matter

Whichever topic you want to write your post on but writing skills and good command on English is must. Because we care about the readers and make sure that they are able to understand each and every sentence in our articles, posts or tutorials.

Especially when you are writing a blog post on tutorials or Blogging tips then writing skills is the most important. But when you are posting about a Blogger Gadget then the post should contain the information and it should be on point.

You understand that there's difference between a Tutorial and an Article, tutorials should focus on the main idea but when writing an article they must contain information in a well mannered way.

Benefits of guest blog posting ?

On our site guest posting is beneficial for both you and us, because we give you links to your website. Since your post will be published on our site you will get more exposure to much wider audience of our blog.

Submitting your guest post 

We are sensitive about the how genuine and unique your content is. Before we publish your post we check the internet for any other similar post, if the post is previously published on other blog or website then we may decline your guest blog post and the post remain yours.

After writing your post, read it twice and make correction as no one can make something accurate at the first attempt.
You can submit the post in .doc or .html format.

Guest posts should not be spammy. Posts considered as spammy will not be published.
Pictures and also one paragraph Mini Bio are allowed.
Your Guest post should be easy to read and add value to the reader.

    When you are done with writing your article and saving it in a accessible format send it to our email

    Once we receive your guest post we will get in contact with you, and if you want then we may discuss about your post too. Write as many guest post you want because that's beneficial for your own blog.


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