Friday 2 August 2013

Link Facebook to Twitter easily

Hey guys, i noticed recently that some of us still dont know how to link our facebook pages to our twitter accounts. Doing this has many advantages which is why i strongly recommend it.. You can now easily link your personal Facebook account to your Twitter account, and publish your “public” status updates directly to Twitter.
Here’s how to do it.
- Choose your personal Facebook account and then click “Link to Twitter”
- Choose which items you’d like to send to Twitter, of course they’ll have to be marked as “Public” for them to be shared.
Facebook to Twitter 1 520x373 Anyone can now link their Facebook profile to Twitter. Heres how
Here’s what a Tweet directly from a Facebook public status update looks like. The link goes right to the destination, rather than through Facebook.
tweetdrew2 Anyone can now link their Facebook profile to Twitter. Heres how
There you have it, now you can easily and seamlessly send your public Facebook status stream to Twitter, automagically.


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