Monday, 3 December 2012

How To ByPass The Metro Interface In Windows 8

Hey guys.. As we all know, Microsoft has implemented a new style of the start screen.. The Metro Interface. Although i love this great interface, some of us might still feel the need of bypassing this interface and heading straight into the desktop.
This method is not disabling Metro nor the interface enhancements that go along with
it. A tap on the Windows-key for instance brings you right back to the Metro interface. To automatically switch to the desktop during start of the system you need to complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Create a new plain text document on your desktop or another location. You can do so with
a right-click and the selection of New > Text Document from the context menu. Add the following contents to the new document and save it afterwards:


STEP 2: Rename the text document to metro.scf. Make sure the .txt extension gets removed in the process. You can verify that by comparing the icon before and after the renaming: it should be different after you have renamed it. Now it is time to add the file as a Task to the Task Scheduler.

STEP 3: The easiest way to open the Windows Task Scheduler is to press the Windows-key to
get into Metro (how ironic), enter schedule, switch to the settings filter on the right, and select the scheduler from the results listing. Select Task Scheduler Library in the new window, right-click in the task listing, and pick the create new task option from the context menu. Enter a name for the task, e.g. Metro, and switch to the triggers tab.
STEP 4: Click on the add button here and select at log on, in the begin the task menu at the top of the new window. Switch to the actions tab afterwards, select browse, and then the metro.scf file that you have created previously. When you restart Windows 8 now, the operating system should automatically bypass the Metro interface.


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