Thursday, 13 December 2012

The New 2go Version 3.5.1

Yet another version of the wave-making mobile application, 2go Version 3.5.1 has been released. This newer version contains various updates. And is in a way, different from the previous versions.

Firstly, to download 2go, visit on your mobile phone. Unlike other previous editions where you have to first input your phone number and password before you can download, you dont have to do this now. All you need to do is click on download. Upon opening, you select your country, input your phone number, username and password.

Some   of the visible updates seen in this new update compared to other versions is:
  • Away colors remain the same (yellow), but online color has been changed to white. offline to dark gray. I personally do not really like this choice of colors as the white online colors is the same as that of the group name.
  • The in-app links have been changed to a button-like object.
  • You still get to use your styles from previous versions
Do you notice any other change? Please tell us by posting in the comment section below. Thank you


  1. The 2go Status length in the new version has also been increased from 65 characters to 100.

  2. Some buttons are not working with my phone. It sucks

  3. Yeah, thats true.... Even the star key that use to act as a replacement for the left soft key no longer works. You cant use 3 and 9 to scroll up when reading messages and so on

  4. 4 me, i dnt like dis version 4 any reason. Look 4 any change u want 2 make and do it in version 3.5.1 bt leave d bakground and colour's as it was. Tanx...


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