Friday 20 April 2012


There are many effects which one can create with Photoshop, but today i'll be covering only one of this vast ocean of skills, effects that are contained within this era of photoshopping. Here's how to create a Scary text on Photoshop.

1. Create a new file Width:709 Height:147
2. Use your paint bucket tool (G) and fill the background with black
3. Type in your text using white colour
4. Try and Drag the text to the centre of the page using the move tool (v)
5. Go to layer > Merge down (Ctrl + E)
- Go to Image and select Rotate Canvas. Choose 90 degrees CW.

6. Select Filter>Stylize and Wind.
- Method = Wind, Direction = from the right
7. Press ctrl + f to reapply the effect
8. Re-open the same filter but this time set the Direction to From the Right.
- Remember to reapply it one more time as in step 7.

9. Now rotate the canvas 90 degrees CCW.
10. Next step is to apply the Ripple filter.
- I have set the amount to 95%. filter > distort > ripple

11. To make the Text look really scary, you have to make use of the colour balance effect
- Image > Adjust > Colour Balance
- I used this settings
- Colour Levels +94, -100, -89
- Tone Balance Midtones and preserve Luminosity checked

This is what you'll get as result. Hope it corresponds.


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