Sunday 15 April 2012


Recently, people, including me, have been trying to log in to their yahoo mail through their mobile phone to no avail. It keeps bringing out an error message asking people to login with their desktop and then try logging in again with their phone. But even after trying this it doesn't still work. Most people like me are highly affected by this new development because the only way we access our mail quick and fast was through our phone. But due to determination and need, i finally found a way to do this again. Here are the steps: 1. Go to "" on your mobile phone 2. After loading the page, scroll to end and click on "Desktop" to change it to desktop view 3. The page will reload thereby bringing forth the Desktop view 4. Move to the top right just beside "mail" and click on "sign in" 5. It brings out the desktop sign in page. 6. Now put in your details i.e your email address and password and click "sign in" 7. It will load again and bring out a verification box, type in the verification code and click on "continue" 8. After signing in, it will take you back to the yahoo page. now scroll to the end and click on "mobile" to take you back to the mobile view. 9. After loading the page in mobile view, click on "mail". 10. It'll take you to your inbox and you are good to go. Hope you understand this. Don't forget to share


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