Thursday, 7 June 2012

How To Manually Detect Viruses

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New and deadlier viruses are being created day by day. They are being designed to be as harmful as possible by jerks that pride themselves in seeing their power of destruction. The main source of viruses is the internet because these so called jerks use the internet as a medium of transportation of these deadly programs. Note that Viruses are actually programs that attempt to hide themselves and keep multiplying , thereby making use of your memory. And then eventually crashing your system.
There are many types of viruses, but i will give you some few hints on how you can easily detect one when you see it..
Lets Begin

    There might be a situation when you perhaps collect something from another computer with your storage media, be it a flash drive or memory stick. And on putting it in your system, you notice that the file size is pretty small, mostly ranging from 11kilobytes to 970kilobytes. If you see this please do not open the file.
  • Another situation is when you have a folder and the file type denotes that it is an application. Please do not open.
These and many more are methods to detect viruses.
But to be cautious, here are some tips:

  1. Always check the file size and type of a file, folder or document before opening it.
  2. Be very cautious of what you download over the internet and sites that you download them from
  3. Always look at the icon of any file you want to open. it really helps.
  4. Don't just go around putting your storage devices into other peoples computers to prevent virus spread.
  5. Use quality antivirus softwares, check out the Top Ten Antivirus 2012 here
  6. Make use of security softwares like the USB Disk Security which you can download Here
Play Safe....


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