Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Kreative Blogger Award

Hello readers, i was going through the lists of the blogs i was following and i saw that my mentor, Michael Abayomi had been nominated for another award called the Kreativ Blogger Award. Little did i know that he had also nominated me for this same award.
To accept this award, from what i have read, i have to say 10 random facts about myself and also nominate six other blogs. Here they are:


  1. I hated and failed all my computer classes in Junior Secondary School
  2. I got my first Computer four years ago, April 2008, to be precise
  3. I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in one night, probably because i never dropped the book
  4. I dreamt of becoming a professional footballer and play for Barcelona throughout my childhood
  5. I wish Lionel Messi will lift the Ballon D'or 6 times in a row
  6. I still watch and read Naruto, even though my friends call it whack
  7. I will never get tired of watching the Indian movie Heyy Babyy
  8. Unreal tournament is my best Pc game ever, perhaps because of the heartless killing and murder. Hehehehe
  9. I had wanted to make Yu-gi-oh a real sport
  10. I sincerely have no idea how on earth i happen to be writing this.
I guess thats about it. Now my nominees


PS: I am using this opportunity to thank and praise the authors of the blogs mentioned for their good work and we hope to get more from them. Thank you....


  1. Dude! You seriously need to play Half-life 2, my favorite PC game of ALL TIME. Also, one night!? Really? Wow. That's just... intense.

  2. Yeah, i started around 6pm and finished it just before dawn. Am gonna check out half life, but i doubt if it'll surpass Unreal tournament.


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