Friday, 29 June 2012

How To Share Your Internet Connection

Many people are faced with the challenge of sharing their internet connection with friends and family or over their own network of devices. Not to worry, the solution is now here at hand, and it is called “Connectify”. Connectfy is a software that allows the user to share his/her internet connection be it a modem, LAN connection or even a WLAN connection. You can share this internet connection via wireless or wired connection i.e cable. This is done by creating your own hotspot. Say you are using a modem to browse on your laptop and your friend wants to connect to your system in order to use the Internet, you find it difficult to share the connection or create your own hotspot.
Download and install Connectify Here. After installation, you would have to restart your system before using it. After the restart, choose the type of internet connection you are using, if you are using a modem, it will display in the list of connections to share.
Then set the name of your hotspot and password. Now you choose how you want to share your connection and the medium you want to use. Voila you are through. With this software, you can monitor those who connect to your wireless, also note that you can also access your clients i.e. people connected to your hotspot's system and access their files. You can also create your own mini cafe by sharing your internet connection to people.


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