Friday, 15 June 2012

How To Use Your System Without Mouse And Keyboard

I know this sounds as crazy as hell, but believe me, i'm actually smiling over here.
With reference to comments my previous post How to use your system without Mouse using only keyboard, I have decided to write this crazy but true post on how to use your system without keyboard and mouse.
Here are your requirements:
  • Your system must not require to press F1 or any other function key at startup
  • An earpiece with microphone
  • No login password required
  • No mouse and keyboard

And thats basically it.
Now to begin, before giving away your mouse and keyboard you'll need to enable speech recognition.
To do this type "speech recognition" in your Start menu and click Windows Speech recognition.
Follow the Instructions and then you are good to go.

Restart your system without the Mouse and Keyboard, Log into windows and you can now start using your microphone to communicate to your pc. Totally cool, right?

PS: Don't do this in public, because you might actually look wierd. Hahahahahaha..
Later Peeps....


  1. Sounds good. However, I admit to being old fashioned. OK, the truth is I can not get my phone to listen to my voice commands. So am unsure about getting my computer too. And then there is the cost. "speech recognition" is not as cheap as a good keyboard yet.

  2. Thats true quirkygrandma, speech recognition requires one to be very clear with commands i.e you can not rush when giving the commands. With this, it is considerably slow and should only be used when one is trying to impress;-). But without doubt, nothing not even a touch-screen can replace a good keyboard just yet.


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