Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Power Of Exploration

Exploration! Exploration!! Exploration!!!
People seem to over-underestimate the power of exploration, this time, I'll be referring to the world of computers and technology. Exploration is a great tool that builds up confidence, skills and general ability of a computer user. Like i enjoy saying, "A computer system or laptop is only as good as its owner". This quote simply means that even if you have the latest technology and trends of computer systems and software and you can't use them, then its all totally useless.

This short article is basically contained of my idealism because i think every minute you spend with your laptop or system watching movies, or playing games can be used to learn something huge that will make you proud of yourself. Research shows that stuffs you discover yourself stick to your memory better than those you read from one place or the other, This is just my thoughts, invest your time wisely....


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