Tuesday, 18 September 2012

WishFree Tech Blog Awards 2012

The Wish Free Tech Blog Awards 2012 is here and as you could have guessed, there is a very high level of competition. I got an email not too long ago, inviting me to participate in this contest. It was cool, ya know. This particular awards is currently available only for Technology blogs. Lest i forget, I need you guys to vote for KYD Evolution here http://contest.wishfree.com/blog-contest/blogs/KYD-Evolution-1648. All you need to do is Login with your Facebook or Twitter accounts and Nominate. Thank you as you do so.


  1. Cool innovation. I will vote you on the contest soon. How I wish there is something of this nature for other blogs.

  2. its awesome dear , Please vote for blogs daddy to win wishfree tech award 2012

  3. I would Gagan, added your blog to my roll. Keep up the good work


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