Thursday, 3 January 2013

2go Version 3.5.1 Flaws

After a long wait for a new version of the popular mobile application 2go, a new version was released. 2go version 3.5. There were definitely high expectations for this new update..... a significant update just like the times of the version 1 to the version 2 and 3.

Although some people are so much in love with the new interface, new look, color changes and all. I have so far noticed some flaws that made me wish i had not upgraded at all in the first place. Here are some of the flaws noticed.

2go Splash Screen and "Connecting..."
In a scenario of using Nokia c2, Unlike previous versions, when the application loads, the splash screen as usual loads for a couple of seconds before asking for network access and then switch to connecting mode.. In this new version, the splash screen is the "connecting", It stays there till it actually starts logging in. This might not be much of a big deal except for the fact that "connecting...." had been removed totally. Which implies that, after pressing your "#" button to probably change username or password and you press login  the next thing you see is logging in. This does not mean that you've managed to connect as other previous versions have made us to believe.

Please Wait
Having to wait for a couple of seconds after i press the "#" key is like telling me to go to sleep. But this is exactly what happens every time i press the "#" button at the login page. What i get to see is "Please Wait" which is undoubtedly annoying. At least to me.

Creating A Group Chat
Creating a group chat from the active chats is still as easy as before, same steps... but trying to write a message in this group chat is sorta... let me say twisted.... On a Nokia C2, pressing Menu > Write, does nothing, doesn't bring up a text editor like it should. You have to press a character on your keypad before you are able to write a group chat. Although this hasn't been tested on other phones... this is one to think about.

Probably The Biggest Flaw.....
The inability to use shortcuts unlike in previous versions are most likely the biggest turnoff of this new 2go version. The "*" key used to serve as an alternative for the left soft key but now, its unusable. The shortcut keys "3" and "9" that can be used for scrolling up and down respectively at a considerable pace can no longer be used when reading a message. Pressing "3" or "9" in message view now will only take you to the text field and will not scroll up.

Aside from all the things mentioned above, On a personal level, the colours involved in this new version of 2go is not in any way "inviting", rather contrast.... The colour used for a group title is now the same as the colour used for someone thats online. Whereas we've gotten used to the old way of the blue-for-online and white for group tags...

Another thing i do not agree with is... For example a user has been logged in, he has gone through all the status updates, and due to a network problem of some sorts, he had to reconnect... He would have to go through all the status updates again... Not cool...

I hope all this and others i haven't mentioned get fixed in the next upgradable version.
Have you noticed any other flaw? or something you don't like?


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