Friday, 18 January 2013

Dukeo Blog Review

For starters, I must admit that i am not exactly a fervent visitor to Stephen Kerwer's Blog "Dukeo" at Nonetheless, i have visited the blog quite a number of times in recent times. Most especially following a link from twitter by @MeghanMBiro. A recent visit to the site drew my attention to an ongoing review contest worth $200 asking for a honest review.. This actually spiced me up to write this post and also take a closer look at the site, in terms of Look and feel, Content, Navigation and Miscellaneous Talks....

Look and Feel
On first visit to Dukeo, a visitor would definitely tend to feel involved as regards the cool blends of colors. The font size is cool and the text is quite easy to read. (No need for spectacles. Lol). The positioning of content is one thing to talk about... Although i love it, i still find the subscribe box a bit... you know distracting... But all this is made up for, with the quality of the contents of the box. And it is only placed like that on the homepage. Quite Understandable.

Dukeo contains articles relating to Making money online, Blogging and Lots more. In terms of content, Wow!! I'm not a search engine optimist but with the frequent update of posts - not just any post, but quality and pretty informative ones -  i'll say its something. Although most of the posts are short, they are quite well furnished and worth more than the time spent on them.  Kudos.

I really dont have much to say but to thank Ste for not clogging us with so much links on the menu bar. I appreciate the way most links are neatly positioned in the footer.... Leaving only three, very clear links and the logo on the menu bar.

Like i said earlier, i am not a fervent visitor but the articles i have happened to come across at Dukeo is one to write home about. I do not mean to hype the blog but its absolutely one to check out.

In short, Be sure to check it out.


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