Wednesday 2 May 2012

2go With Screenshot

Here we are once again, i deeply appreciate the response gotten from my last post
2go Star Booster. And yet i am here again with another 2go application.
2go with screenshot is an application that allows the user capture moments, pictures and all other stuffs that can appear on his 2go screen and save them.
You can use this application to take screenshots of Grammatical blunders and other funny moments and save them as pictures. All you have to do is press down the Call button, it'll ask for permission to save then press yes. Download this application here.
Share what you think with us by kindly commenting below. And don't forget to share. Here are examples of screenshots taken...


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  2. No problem man. I got you!!!!

  3. This post is genius and can be applied to almost every other business' marketing plan. Thanks for the tips.


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