Thursday 31 May 2012

How To Use Your System Without Mouse Using Only Keyboard

I know the topic above sounds funny but believe me its real.
This tutorial is for both desktop users and laptop users that use external or internal
keyboard that has the NUMLOCK key. If you are faced with the situation of not
having a mouse then you need this. Let’s begin.
On your keyboard press ALT + LeftSHIFT + NUMLOCK. A dialog box will come up with the options to select,
press either OK or Settings. If you pressed ok, you can now begin
to use your num-pad as your MouseKeys. But if you pressed settings, a dialog box will pop-up.
Check the use MouseKeys box and also press settings again. Here you can now customize how
to use the MouseKeys, i.e. the speed, e.t.c. then press ok and you are done.

These are the default controls of the MouseKeys:
1 – Move to top-left
2 – Move upwards
3 – Move to top-right
4 – Move left
5 – Click
6 – Move right
7 – Move to bottom-left
8 – Move downwards
9 – Move to bottom-right
0 – Click and drag
NumLock – Turns it on or off
/ - Select left-click mode
* - Select right-click mode
Now you can flex with your keyboard without mouse....
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  1. What I'll really love to see is "How to Use Your Computer Without A Mouse AND Keyboard." But I guess that one would be too easy nowadays; you just buy a Tablet/Touchscreen computer and you're good to go. :))

  2. You might just get that even without using a tablet. Watch and see *winks*. Thanks for the Award nomination


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