Thursday, 4 October 2012

How To Create A SECRET Document Using Command Prompt Or Notepad.

KYD Evolution: Secret document
Have you ever had the desire to write or type something down that you'll probably feel like reading later on, yet you do not want other people to be able to access it? Something like your day to day activity, or stuffs on your crush. Lol. Well i can assure you, this trick is the solution to your heart desire.
As you've probably heard of file extensions, there are the last three letters that follow the dot at the end of a filename. This extension enables or tells the computer system how to open it and which program to use to access it. To create these kinda secret documents we can make use of any of this two simple but highly underestimated applications. NotePad or Command Prompt.

To Do this with Command prompt
  • Open command prompt (Winkey + R, then type cmd and press enter)
  • now type "edit" in the command line without the quotes and press enter.
  • You'll be taken to a screen where you can write any sort of secret or whatsoever you wanna write.
  • To save click on file, then save as. Command prompt presents you with the option to save your file without an extension. Which makes it more secretive.
  • You can decide to just type the name of the file and save it in your desired location or add an extension of your choice behind it e.g anyname.kyd etc
  • You now have your secret document. 

    To Do This With Notepad 
  •  Open notepad, and type your content
  • Now save your document using any type of extension, change file type to "All files" it is advisable to formulate yours e.g anyname.kyd
  • Save this to your desired location and you are good to go
  • To open this file,
  • Double click on it, you'll be asked to select a program from your computer.
  • Find Notepad or Command prompt and click open.


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