Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Add A Url To Your Taskbar

Do you know that you can add an Internet URL address bar to your
Windows taskbar. Doing so will let you type in URLs and launch Web
pages without first launching a browser. It will also let you launch
some native Windows applications in much the same way as you would via
the Run menu (so you could type in calc to launch the calculator or
mspaint to launch Microsoft Paint.

Here's how you add the address bar:

1. Right-click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, and then click Address.

2. The word Address will appear on your taskbar.

3. Double click it to access it.

4. If that doesn't work, your taskbar is locked. You can unlock it by right-clicking on the taskbar again and uncheck Lock the Taskbar.

NOTE: You may also need to grab the vertical dotted lines beside the word Address and drag it to the left to make the Address window appear.


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