Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to Create A Website (Book Review)

Are you interested in creating a website or blog and do not know where to begin, then i'll recommend this book titled The Perfect Site Guide for beginners. this book covers everything you need to know before and after creating your website or blog. This book written by the lovely Lisa Irby of 2createawebsite at is a very interesting and educative 56-paged book that covers every essentials of having your own blog or website. Get this and i can assure you that you'll not be disappointed with what you find. The official website for this book is

My Experience

I can sincerely say that after reading this book with 110% concentration and following her instructions adequately, (even though i haven't followed some due to time, resources and other circumstances), my way of thinking has changed positively in great proportions. These book alongside many others have given me many great ideas that i wish to put in place in the nearest future. Thank You Lisa Irby for this great masterpiece.

More On the Book

This book covers areas like how and where to begin, making money online with your blog or website, Building Traffic, Tips and advices and many other essentials that i know you'll appreciate after reading this book. Visit to download this book for Free Trust me, you won't regret spending your time on this.

Lisa's Websites

Get more on Lisa here:
  • Youtube

  • (marketing and making money online)
  • (programming tutorials)
  • (planning a website)

And like Lisa says, "I can give you all the guidance in the world, but i cannot give you motivation and ethic". That depends on you. Good Luck. Nothing comes easy. We've got to work hard. See you guys later.


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