Sunday, 26 August 2012

Renaming Jar Applications

KYD Evolution: .jar format Have you ever been in a situation where you happen to download a mobile application or mobile game using some browsers like UC web browser, Opera Mini and countless others? Most of the time, after downloading with these browsers, you find out that the application you just downloaded is not supported by your phone. Keeps telling you 'file format not supported'? Most of us end up deleting this applications thinking they are not working. Not to worry, here's what to do. After downloading any mobile application or game to your phone using these browsers, carry out the following steps
  • Go to the downloaded file's location, and press options to view the options menu.
  • Scroll down to the details and view it.
  • Now look at the file name, you should see anyname_jar, if thats the case, now go to rename and replace the '_' with '.' , you should now be able to open the application
  • Else, if you find something else like '' or 'anyname_jar.ext', then you'll need to download an application called BlueFTP. You can download this by searching google.
  • After downloading BlueFTP, open and navigate to the location of the file, now rename it to 'anyname_jar'. If its a .zip file, then you might need to open it in order to extract the jar file
  • Now close BlueFTP, go back to the file and rename it to 'anyname.jar'
Hope you understand it. Don't forget to share or comment if you have any questions.


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