Monday, 1 April 2013

A - Z Blogging Challenge is Underway

Hey guys, as regards my last posts where i stated that KYD Evolution's Blog will be participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.. I am pleased to announce to you that this challenge has finally started today, 1st of April 2013. And i would like to use this opportunity to once again thank the founder, +Arlee Bird of Tossing it Out for this great and innovative platform for bloggers to push themselves and also connect... Thank You... So lets get started....


  1. Hey. So glad you're up for the challenge. I'll be dropping by as often as I can to see how you're doing. Just 25 more days/letters to go.

    P.S: Turn off your word verification asap.

  2. Yeah I am... Thanks... Word verification turned off


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