Thursday, 18 April 2013

Profile Merging On Facebook

Its amazing the kind of work the Facebook developers are doing... Its becoming a normal thing to see a few upgrades at least once in a week to either the mobile or PC view. Some of these changes or should i say upgrades are extremely remarkable. I noticed one today, probably not new, which led to the writing of this post.

The title, "Profile merging" here, sounds pretty exciting and what it really does is it merges two people's profile, and displaying stuffs they have in common. Here's a preview of what i mean:

1. Image Combination

As you can see... the profile picture of the two, individual profiles were merged to get the new one.

2. Related Data

It displays information that we have in common, Location, School and the likes.

3. Address Bar Combo

The Address bar being merged allows you to view your combination with various people.. All you have to do is change the usernames to the ones you would like to combine.. E.g

4. Common Items

This section covers the Friends you have in common, pictures, page likes and events.

Pretty Slick huh?


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