Thursday, 4 April 2013

Down Memory Lane

Waking up this morning and feeling the desire to do something not too techy for #AtoZChallenge... Putting aside my already written blogpost for today, i started thinking of a new topic but all that kept coming to my head were images from the past... From the beginning, all the way down here.

Today i remember when i first ventured into the world of technology, blogging and every other web stuff.. Starting from my very first web job, a moderator at, now closed down up to today when i have my own websites and this blog. Makes me realize that Knowledge is not just power but actually a lot of power. I started off knowing almost nothing, and here i am today, not explicitly awesome but definitely something to reckon with. I thought of the level of knowledge i had when i got my first laptop - i used to use a desktop before then - and my current level, I have met a lot of people, geniuses in their own respective choice of careers and i must say i have been inspired by many of them.

I have decided to go wake up some of my lost inspirations, writing books, some of which i have written but never published. I want to write a book covering my journey from the start to this level... My Journey from a learner to a Blogger...

Thanks for stopping by..


  1. I hope I too can learn a lot by way of blogging..
    Thanks for the post
    Bhavya from the AtoZ Challenge blogging at Just Another Blog

    1. Blogging is extremely so much fun... And also an avenue for learning... Best of luck

  2. It is not how long we take to get there, but the journey itself that determines who we are at the end of it. Or something like that. LOL. Anyways, glad to see you've been making headway.

  3. Cul one


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