Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Create A custom Page in Blogger

Custom pages in blogger are often necessary at times. Especially when you have offers or give-aways. A custom page allows you to have a specific platform to carry out desired tasks..For example, writing an "About Us" or Privacy policy... Your choice... Here's a rundown of how its done...

STEP 1: Navigate to Dashboard > Pages. Click on the new page button.. A drop down will appear as in the image below \
Here you have two options, either creating a blank page which would be a location in your blog... or a Web address which would most likely contain an already created web page from an external source.

STEP 2: If you would like to add a page with fresh content to your blog, then select Blank page. You would be redirected to a page where you would input page title, Content (Content can also be written in HTML format) and other settings. Otherwise Click on Web Address, and you would be asked to input the title and address of the external source you would like to link to..

Save and you've got yourself a custom page.


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