Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Operation Don't Crash: Driver Pack 2012 On Windows 8

Operation Dont Crash
The night before was a night to write about... earlier in the day, a friend of mine had experienced a minor but rather disturbing problem with his laptop. The Laptop which was running windows 8 had Bluetooth driver issues which he attempted to fix using DriverPack 2012.. Unknowingly, one thing led to another and his system was turned off abnormally. On turning it back on, the system failed to start, moving straight onto automatic repair. Unfortunately, while trying to start Advanced options, his password was required. As he usually makes use of the pin, he had forgotten his password so he started guessing.. I must admit i started making fun of him and left him to face his predicament.

Finally at night, On my laptop, also running Windows 8, i was planning on rounding up my code for the NACOSS(Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students) 2013 Unilorin exhibition, but before that i tried using DriverPack to fix my sound card missing driver issue and i was prompted to restart. Problem was... It wasnt coming back on..

I thought of all the code i had been writing for the exhibition and felt i had to do something urgently... I ran Automatic repair for about half an hour but it couldnt be repaired. It was the same problem my friend was having and i made fun of him.. i felt like i was being punished.

Like a bell struck at midnight, an idea popped in my head and i thought of System restore, i opened it through advanced options and i found a restore point just before installing driver pack. My system restored and my problem was solved.. Except for the fact that by the time it was fixed, i was already feeling sleepy... End of the night. I dunno if the driver pack isn't compatible with Windows 8.

The Exhibition however was a cool one, i exhibited a previous project, Unilorites which had undergone a major upgrade and i am happy to say it was good enough to win the exhibition. I won and was awarded NACOSS programmer of the year... A title to behold :-)


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