Thursday, 25 April 2013

Viral Penetration: Virus Attack

Hello guys, recently virus attacks have been on the rise. More and more Laptops and computers are getting infected as the days roll by. The most fierce and common virus in this area is the "Password, sexy Virus". This virus corrupts all the files in any external memory storage plugged into the computer or laptop and turns most of the files into applications and hides the real files.

To View the files hidden by this virus, Go to Folder options > View > Select the Show hidden files and folder radio button. Scroll down and uncheck the "Hide protected Operating system files". Thats it.

The best way to avoid these viruses is to install USB Disk security, avoid opening any sort of applications from an external drive and most importantly, be careful about what you plug into your system.

Removal is pretty tough... I removed mine using a linux operating system, Ubuntu.. I will soon post a tutorial on how to do that.The best way to get rid of this virus is to take it to a qualified personnel. To help fix it.


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